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Geromme is the owner and co-founder of GoSearch Inc. a startup SEO Agency in the Philippines with clients from Australia, UAE, UK and USA.

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Geromme Talampas is a Digital Marketing Strategist and one of the few SEOToolSet Certified Analyst in the Philippines. He has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Communications. He is the owner of GOSEARCH INC., a Digital Marketing agency in the Philippines. […]

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Optimize your website now! We offers FREE SEO Service for the 1st month. Contact us today and Get a Free Website Analysis!   Email: Skype: geromme_talampas

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SEO Expert in the Philippines

Geromme Talampas' SEO and Internet Marketing strategies composed of interactive online tools and scientific analysis. The strategies are designed to meet your business goals and maximize the resources to get the desired return of investment. SEO can be a great part of your growing business and it leads to endless success online. We create opportunities for everyone as we share our expertise to those who want to be successful in the field of online marketing. Our integrated online marketing services and professional experts guarantee that we can both achieve your business goals. We commit to top-notch services that will ensure your success. Here are the services we offer to get the optimum results for your business goals: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Our SEO techniques entail building organic search engine ranking for your website. It is the lowest long term investment for any businesses these days. SEO is an effective way to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website. As per our research, online users tend to click the free organic listings compared to paid listings. We only use the best and current SEO practices serving the best quality performance among all sorts of businesses. We focus on using great content development, content marketing, and social media. These three techniques under SEO guarantee to drive a long-term ROI. With the combination of SEO strategies and advanced SEO analytics and reporting software, we are able to perform high quality enterprise level SEO services for various companies across the globe. Pay Per Click Pay Per Click or PPC is also known as Search Engine Marketing, which delivers the target traffic and conversions and eventually gets the results faster than the organic search engine optimization. GoSearch's PPC strategy offers awesome revenue and brand-building opportunities. Our company has a skilled team and technology savvy enough to manage large budget PPC campaigns midst thousands of keywords. We take pride on providing the best possible advertising management platform among our clients. We certainly manage properly our client's budget and we keep on tracking every dollar to optimize the specific goals and metrics. Social Media Marketing nowadays, social media has been one of the fastest growing marketing avenues available for entrepreneurs. It plays a significant role for branding, engagement and customer referrals and acquisition. Social media is now officially part of an effective content marketing and SEO strategies. Our company's social media marketing solution consists of in-depth market research, continuous discovery, project planning and management, training, consulting and reporting. We also include social media ads like Facebook advertising to gain more engagement from the target market. The company recognizes the importance of social media in acquiring the desired results that is suitable to your business needs. Content Marketing Our company is not only composed of scientific and analytical data, we also strive to make creative output for our client. Creativity is an essential factor that can drive results to client's website or business. We offer the people the content they can use and eventually form a long-lasting relationship. Our strategy is sustainable when it comes to delivering content and relevant information. In this strategy, GoSearch focuses on thought leadership and formations of relationships with the members of a targeted market. We make sure that we will be able to add credibility and relevance to our client's website. GoSearch guarantee that the content we produce will be useful among the target market, and allow them to share it on their online network. Shared organic content exposes the brand or website to a lot of consumers. Affiliate Marketing The company's strategy for Affiliate Marketing helps the client in promoting effectively the product or services on the web. Our affiliate programs assist the client to connect with millions of customers from different parts of the world by reaching out to a large customer base. Affiliate Marketing includes one of a kind marketing, where the marketer promotes other people's products or business. We guarantee that we can push the product sales and drive revenue by incorporating an effective Affiliate Marketing strategy. Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing is one of the emerging marketing avenues in many developing countries and at GoSearch, we keep tabs on the opportunities of reaching client's target market using the mobile platform. We guarantee that our client's business is mobile-ready. Apart from making client's online presence strong, the company utilize the sites on mobiles and make its presence visible and accessible. Client's mobile presence covers different devices including smartphones and tablets. It does not only offer mobile web, but also mobile apps, SMS marketing, and proximity marketing. Web Development and Design In web campaign, the beginning of a success is rooted on the website and effective landing pages. It is the place where conversions and revenue will happen. Our team is competent enough to be creative and make your goal materialize into an awesome interactive experience. GoSearch's resident designers only use the best practices in mixing eye-candy designs with an effective user experience. On the other hand, the resident developers create websites with aesthetic appeal and SEO-friendly code structure. The company ensures that the business' website and landing pages are accessible and user-friendly across all devices. The Web Development and Design strategies we have are comprised of creating well-optimized landing pages, conversion rate optimization, mobile websites, and responsive design. We also make sure to produce creative for display advertising, infographics, and typographic video. To learn more about these awesome SEO strategies, send us an email at to get free consultation.

Customer Reviews and Ratings for Philippines' SEO Expert – Geromme Talampas
7 reviews
  1. 5
    Great SEO Expert services
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    Geromme is one of the best SEO Expert in the Philippines. His knowledge about SEO is top-notch and world class.
  3. 5
    Amazing work. Geromme knows his work and is one of the best SEOs out there.
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    He offers 1 month FREE SEO service to show us that he can deliver results. He did and it’s been a great partnership for us ever since.
  5. 5
    It’s been an amazing year for us and for our business, thanks to the SEO services by Geromme.
  6. 5
    He knows his craft and he can deliver great results. I recommend Geromme as your SEO of choice!
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